Advantages of our services

 Here are advantages of our services for students.


Discount for your tuition fee

 If you enter a Japanese language school through us, you will can get a discount from on your tuition fee.  *All schools do not give you a discountOnly for some participating schools.  
*“The “Discount” does not include Facility fee, insurance and other miscellaneous fees.

Accommodation assistance

 When students study abroad in Japan, they will need their accommodations.  J&F is originally mainly a real-estate company and that also manages J&F Houses (shared houses).  Therefore, we will can assist students with in places to stay in Japan. J&F house is an “International Community House.”  The 50 of residents is Japanese. 50% of the residents are Japanese, so  So, you can have there are lots of opportunities to speak and practice Japanese in your daily lives.  In addition, Inside the house, there are not only Japanese people but  aalso people from different countries.  
It helps you to We are sure you will be able to make precious memories and experience many things.

other services

 Our other services are below.