These Questions & Answers listed below are very common ones.
 If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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○ In charge: Hidehisa Kikuno


How can I apply?

First of all, please contact us and tell give us your details, such as when you would like to attend a school, or which courses you are interested in. We will introduce you the best one for you. BasicallyGenerally, consultant fees and other fees are not required.

Is it possible to apply even if I am not in Japan?

Yes. We can accept your inquiries, applications and it will be possible for us to introduce you a school, even if you are not in Japan.

Can J&F introduce a Japanese language school to any nationalities?

Yes. We can will basically introduce a Japanese language schools to students of any nationalitiesnationality. However, there is a possibility that there would may be an age restriction and you would have to take an interview by Skype in advance, which. It depends on the schools. Needless to say, if you have criminal or illegal overstay records , an and illegal passport and so on, Japanese language schools will not accept youyou will not be admitted by a Japanese language school.

Can J&F introduce any Japanese language schools?

Basically, it is possible for us to introduce you to Japanese language schools which are in tie with us. have a partnership with us. Please refer to the Japanese language list. However, we are going to increase the number of partnerships with school in the future schools in tie.

What are advantages ofto applying for to a school through J&F?

With One advantages by of using J&F is that , you will can get some a discounts of on your tuition fee (*this discount is not available for all the schools). Also, the schools in tie partnerships with us can all provide a great situation and atmosphere to learn. In addition, you will can get receive a J&F Plaza Japanese Learning Support fund Bursary (*this fund is not available for weekly courses and private lessons).

What courses can J&F introduce to me?

We can basically introduce you to long-term, short-term, business and weekly courses. However, if you have your own preferences, please feel free to ask us.

Can J&F assist with visa applications?

With your visa, we will let you know which documents you need toor fill in after we have been informed by the Japanese language schools have informed us. Please note that you must promise adhere to the due-date and send all required all the documents to J&F. If due-date passes, there will be a possibility that you could not come to Japan and enter a school.

Can J&F assist with flight tickets or insurance?

No. We are afraid that we can notcannot assist in with your flight tickets and insurance. You need to take the necessary procedures by yourself.

Do you provide any assistance about for accommodations?

Yes. J&F is originally mainly athe real estate company and manages J&F Houses (shared houses). Therefore, if there is a room available, we will be able to assist and introduce you.

Can J&F provide discounts of the on rent when we stay in J&F House?

Actually, J&F does not give any discounts of the rent. However, if you enter a Japanese language schools through us and stay in J&F House, you will get a 10% discount of theon rent for 3 months. ※Please note that there is a possibility that you could not stay in our house because of the availabilitshare house rooms are dependent on availability.
※This discount is available for those who will stay for more than 3 months.
※This discount is available for the first 3 months. From the 4th month, it will be a regular rent regular rent will be applied.

Cancellation and refund

With regards to the tuition refunds, please ask the schools and follow the school regulations.